Understanding Respite Care

Female home carer supporting old woman to stand up from the armchair at care home

Understanding Respite Care

Taking on the role of carer, while rewarding and done with love, is often a thankless and relentless job. Have you heard the expression “you can’t pour from an empty cup”?


Everybody needs a break from time to time. This can sometimes feel impossible if you are looking after a family member with additional needs. Respite care is invaluable, providing options for you and your loved one to have a planned or emergency break. At Superior Home Health Services, we aim to reduce the burden for the main carer by providing in-home respite care and reducing carer fatigue.

What is respite care?

Respite care involves the services of a care professional, and/or a nurse, to provide short-term in-home care for your loved one. This provides an opportunity for family and carers to take a much-needed break to tend to their own needs, take a small holiday, visit family or friends, or even receive hospital care for planned or emergency procedures of their own. Respite breaks also provide an opportunity for the person receiving care to have a break and maintain their independence at home.

Can I have respite care at home?

Superior Home Health Services can provide respite care to your family members at home reducing the overwhelm often felt with having to go to a facility. This allows your loved one to still maintain their routine, support your needs, and provide a flexible and balanced lifestyle. Whilst it can be quite daunting inviting a stranger into your home, Superior Home Health Services’ carers go the extra mile to build rapport and gain trust while supporting and meeting your loved one’s goal of care.

What services can respite care provide

Respite care covers a broad range of services and can be arranged from just a few hours to overnight care or even longer. Care professionals can provide assistance for hygiene, nutrition, meal preparation, medication, housework, companionship, social support, community access, transportation, nursing services, and more.

How is respite care funded?

If your family member is over 65, or over 50 if Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, and has a Home Care Package, they can use this funding to pay for their in-home respite care. If the person you care for is living with a disability, their NDIS funds may be able to support respite care funding, including overnight respite care. Those who don’t have government package funding can engage our services under a private-pay arrangement.

How can you access our services?

Call our trusted advisors to be guided on the supports and services available that best meet your loved ones, and your own, care needs. Our experts are available to provide advice and assistance regarding your financial options and where appropriate, provide a referral to a Carer Gateway program for ongoing support and assistance.

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