NDIS Services

NDIS Care, Tailored To Your Lifestyle And Needs

We’re the team taking an ability-first approach to NDIS services. With a serious commitment to quality of care and quality of life, we personalise our NDIS services to our participants to ensure we’re providing the right support to help you thrive in life.

How we deliver our NDIS Services

Our NDIS services see you come first. It starts with a conversation. Our Owner and Director, Bryan will meet with you and your Support Coordinator to identify any specific needs around your health and care. We’ll learn about you too: what do you enjoy? What are your hobbies?


You’ll receive a personalised care plan, comprising any support you need across domestic assistance, community access, allied health services, and any NDIS support in between. We’ll assign a couple of different care professionals to you and we’ll do our best to find professionals with similar interests to you.

It's about providing the highest standard of care

We’re committed to providing the highest standard of care. Whether from our care professionals or our nurses, we’ll ensure you receive the very best in terms of care and support.

Our team receives high level, ongoing training to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to support you, however you need it. 

We'll facilitate your allied health services too

We’re here to bridge any gaps between your at-home life and your wider health goals. Your support workers will be across any appointments you need to attend — whether with your GP or any allied health professionals like speech pathologists or physiotherapists. You’ll receive any support you need to get to and from your appointments.

Why choose Superior Home Health Services for your NDIS Support?

Our care professionals always deliver the extra 1%

We’re really careful in our hiring process. Whether we’re looking for support workers or nurses, our focus is on the quality of care they’re able to provide. We carefully select professionals with excellent qualifications, varied experience, and the ability to provide friendly and quality support to our participants. 

We'll work with your support coordinator & health team

As part of our commitment to providing a higher standard of care, we’ll become part of your team. We’ll check in with your support coordinator to ensure positive progress and we’ll work with your wider health team to ensure you’re receiving adequate care at each and every stage. 

We pay close attention to you

As a participant with Superior Home Health Services, you’ll receive meticulous care and as part of that, we pay close attention to your needs. It starts with a comprehensive nursing assessment and is carried on through our quarterly check-ins where you can provide feedback and request any changes to your care.

You direct your support

Your care and support are directed by you. You’ll have the freedom to choose your support workers and any other care professionals, you’ll choose the activities you take on, and how your care is delivered. Your care will always come back to choice and control.

Personalised at-home healthcare solutions

Get started by talking with one of our trusted advisors. We’ll discuss your care and support needs and put a plan in place.

We’ll call you back within the hour