Aged Care Services

Aged Care Services, Delivered Wherever You Call Home

Our aged care services are delivered with a difference. It’s all about keeping you safe, comfortable, and happy — whether at home, a facility you call home, or out in the community. We provide personalised support to help you live life on your terms.

How we deliver our Aged Care Services

Our team of nurses, carers, and care professionals teams up with our older clients to give you support through your day-to-day life. We start with a health assessment, where we identify your needs and ask you about how you’d like to receive your care.


Then, with your personalised care management plan, we deliver your specified support services. It might include help with housework and groceries or it might be someone to take you to any medical appointments throughout the week. 

It's all about quality of care.

Whether we’re delivering some at-home support, personal care, or taking you out in the community, our focus is on the quality of the care we provide. Our nurses and support workers go above and beyond and our management team is constantly checking in to ensure quality. 

If you’re ever partnered with a care professional you don’t enjoy spending time with, we’ll find you a new one.

Thoughtful care, considered plans

As part of our commitment to quality care, we’ve developed quality-focused processes for matching you with your care professionals and for developing your care plan. We’ll chat in depth about your lifestyle and requirements so we can create a comprehensive plan that details absolutely every support you need, no matter how big or small.


Then we’ll find care professionals that suit you to a tee. We look at their age, gender, and interests, as well as any cultural considerations for you both. If we don’t have the perfect support for you? We’ll go find one.

Why choose Superior Home Health Services for your Aged Care?

Our care professionals always deliver the extra 1%

Our commitment to quality informs how we hire. We employ all of our care professionals in-house so we can ensure a high standard of professionalism. We hire very qualified professionals and provide additional training for quality.

A pure focus on quality

Quality informs everything we do. From how we hire to your care management plan, and through to each behind-the-scenes process. Our management team is constantly reassessing these processes to improve our business.

We're on your team

It’s your care and your life. If you don’t like how a service is delivered or a care professional, we’ll take the appropriate steps to prevent it from happening again. We’re your team, here to advocate for you.

You direct your support

You’re in charge of your life and your care. We’re just here to facilitate it. Our team will never have you do anything you’re not comfortable with and you’ll always control how your care is delivered. 

Personalised at-home healthcare solutions

Get started by talking with one of our trusted advisors. We’ll discuss your care and support needs and put a plan in place.

We’ll call you back within the hour