Rehabilitation Support

The Level Of Support You Need Through Your Rehabilitation

Our at-home rehabilitation support is all about giving you the quality care you need to regain your confidence. Whether you’ve had a shoulder or knee reconstruction, a traumatic brain injury, or need some basic support following a surgical procedure, our team is set up to support you through this time.

How we personalise your rehabilitation to you

It starts with an in-depth discussion about your needs. We’ll work with you to establish a care management plan that details your required support, your support schedule, and the coordination of any allied health professionals, such as physiotherapists or speech pathologists.

Then, your care professional will deliver this care while our management team routinely checks in to ensure you’re receiving adequate support. 

It's about providing a higher standard of care

We’re prepared to cover a broad range of rehabilitation needs and we’re set up to do it well. We have the team, the processes, and the ongoing training to provide you with a quality care service.  We’ll help you build confidence and get back to your life and all those things you enjoy through personal, quality care.

Our team of registered nurses and enrolled nurses are some of the most qualified and professional nurses you’ll receive care from.

We'll facilitate your allied health services too

From engaging and hiring allied health professionals like physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and psychologists to getting you to these appointments. We’ll have your allied health services sorted.

Why choose Superior Home Health Services for your Rehabilitation?

Our nurses always deliver that extra 1%

Our commitment to offering a high standard of care is carried through our employment process. We hire the very best nurses in terms of experience, qualifications, and bedside manner. We also provide further training and inductions to each of our team members.

We'll work with your rehabilitation coordinator

We’ll team up with your rehabilitation coordinator to ensure we’re ticking every box for your rehab process. You don’t need to stress about your rehabilitation plan or requirements, we’ll take care of it all so you can get better.

The support to regain confidence

Following a significant injury or surgery, regaining your confidence can be a big feat. It’s really daunting to get back to those activities you used to love. We’ll provide you with the personalised support and encouragement to build this confidence back up.

You direct your support

It’s your rehabilitation and it’s your choice. From the allied health professionals we choose to the nurses we match you with, you have the final say. Our team will check in with you to ensure you’re happy with your current supports. 

Personalised at-home healthcare solutions

Get started by talking with one of our trusted advisors. We’ll discuss your care and support needs and put a plan in place.

We’ll call you back within the hour