Aged Care Advocacy

What is Aged Care Advocacy?

It can be really tricky to try and navigate a system where you don’t know where you stand, what you’re entitled to, and often, what the different schemes and entitlements mean. It often means that those who need our aged care system’s support the most aren’t able to access it. Aged care advocacy is all about giving you the support to realise your rights and claim what you’re entitled to.

What does it mean for you?

It means you’ll be empowered to receive the correct care and support. We’ll listen to your concerns, give you the support to identify what you have a right and entitlement to, and assist you in claiming these supports. 


We’re your advocates, so we’ll speak up for you and take the relevant steps to help you get the care you need.

How we advocate for you

We get you into the Aged Care System

Aged care advocacy is about getting you into the aged care system. So, we’ll take all the relevant steps in getting you in for an assessment, working out exactly what you need, and getting you a package that delivers just that.

We'll run an assessment

You’ll undergo an assessment. This will look at your physical and mental health, your medical history, and your physical needs. We’ll also consider your support network in your family and friends and your social needs. 

We'll identify the supports you need

From your assessment, we’ll identify the specific supports you need. This might be someone to help you out around the house and with activities like picking up your groceries or it could be personal care support with activities like showering. 

You're awarded a package

In aged care, there are four different levels of care. Level 1 starts at two hours of support a week, scaling to Level 4 with 14 hours a week. You’ll be awarded a package that comprises the specific care and support you need.

Personalised at-home healthcare solutions

Get started by talking with one of our trusted advisors. We’ll discuss your care and support needs and put a plan in place.

We’ll call you back within the hour