Mike’s Story

What We Did

Bryan visited a new client in a local caravan park and was asked by the park manager to do a welfare check on one of the long-time residents.


The gentleman – Mike had lived there for over 20 years and he had lost his wife a few years prior and was reported as living in squalor. Mike had been living in appalling conditions! He was trapped in a home that was completely unliveable by human standards. Mike health was severely compromised, the room was filled with food containers and the smell was unbearable.

Mike is suffering with early dementia, he was disoriented and confused.

It had been reported that some had witnessed this situation but had failed to act. Bryan sprung into action and with the assistance of his team took immediate action to remove Mike from this terrible situation. Utilising the My Aged Care assistance programme Bryan managed to secure emergency funding for Mike.


The Superior team carefully helped Mike to his feet and set about bathing, dressing, and getting Mike the urgent medical assistance that he needed. Mike was booked into respite accommodation for two weeks whilst Bryan and his team set about the daunting task of removing everything from Mike’s home. His home was sanitised and cleaned, a new bed was sourced, a comfortable chair was purchased and new clothing was either purchased or donated. Mikes leaking roof was fixed and his home was recarpeted and repaired.

The week after Easter weekend 2021 Mike
returned home.

After a nice refreshing hair cut Mike’s expression says it all, he was home with the guaranteed knowledge he would be looked after by the Superior Home Health Services team as long as he wanted to live in his own home.


To this day Bryan Wilkin, Managing Director is quoted as saying that it is one of his greatest achievements. Mike’s life has improved significantly and has returned to venturing out on his scooter to re-connect with old friends.

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